Friday, April 19, 2013

Weird Car Troubles

So yesterday I took my hubby's car on a trip with the kids. When we were ready to leave I went to start the car and beep or lights, nothing at all. I open the door to get out and the alarm goes off. I use the remote to shut the alarm off, some how this still works.  I check to make sure none of the doors are open (don't ask me why I thought this was the reason) I check the gas tank, trunk door everything I could think of. Get in the car try again and nothing. I get out of the car only this time the alarm goes off when I close the door. Use the remote to shut the alarm off, pop the hood and take a look. We just put a new battery in so it couldn't possibly be that. Drop the hood, get back in the car, try again and again nothing. I use the remote to lock and unlock the doors and try again. This time like magic the car starts. How strange.

I didn't stop, shut off the car, the whole way home. I get home and hubby wants to take his car to run some errands and go to dinner with the kids. I ask him if he was sure after the trouble I had. He was all for it. He gets in and it starts right up. We run our errands no problem.  We go to go eat dinner no problems.

After dinner we go back out to the car and it won't start. HA! I told him we shouldn't have taken it. He pops the hood and looks. We're at a loss as to what it could be. He checks the terminals on the battery and low and behold the negative was very loose. I go in the back of the car and grab an adjustable wrench. Tighten up the terminal and low and behold the car starts right up. No issues.
We are sitting in the car talking to the kids about how we just put a new battery in the car and the terminal was loose so the car wouldn't start right. The youngest looks at us and say "so the guy that put the battery in the car didn't put it in right." I burst out laughing. Yep daddy put the battery in wrong.  

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