Friday, April 12, 2013

My Cheese!

Do you remember that show "Kids Say the Darndest Things," well it should still be around. I swear some of the things kids come up with are so down right funny. My kids are no exception to this even at older ages. Then again maybe it's just me that thinks it's funny or the combination of situation and what they say but there are times when they have me rolling or crying from laughing so hard.

Today wasn't one of those days but it was funny none the less. We went out to dinner tonight and my oldest daughter orders a bowl of soup. She's not feeling so well from the change in weather, medication or combination there of. At any rate, she wanted some broccoli cheese soup.

This broccoli cheese soup, I swear, was way more cheese than soup. She tries to spoon some into her mouth but there is this big long trail of cheese going from the spoon into the soup. She lifts her arm as high as it will go but the trail of cheese just won't break. She makes a noise and asks for me to help her with it. I proceed to grab her fork and twist the cheese string around it until it breaks. I place the fork back down next her. As I'm doing so she tells me not to eat it. I look at her and tell her that I would not do that and that I used her fork to break the string.

Within the blink of an eye the spoon was back in the bowl and the fork was in her mouth with the words "Oh good, my cheese!" coming from her mouth somewhere in between. I just looked at her and laughed.

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