Monday, April 22, 2013

A Day for the Wild Life

Today was all about strange encounters with the wild life around here.

It started this morning when I took the puppy outside. We had deer just on the other side of the rock wall that borders our property.  The deer usually take off when the dog and I come outside but for some reason today was different.  I stood very still and the puppy went around smelling.  Then all of a sudden the deer took off toward us. They hopped the rock wall into our yard and ran across the back. Just so use to them running away from us, it even scared the puppy a bit.

So hubby and I go run our morning errands, grocery store, post office, coffee shop for beans. When we finally get home there is the turkey vulture flying in real low toward the side yard. He lands on one of the trees that is leaning over from all the storms and just sits there. We get out of the car slam the car doors, make all kinds of noise but the only thing he does is spread his wings. Hmm...they only show up where things are dead.  We go inside and unpack the fridge stuff grab my camera and figure if the bird is still out there maybe I'll get a picture of him.  Get outside and he's sitting in the yard. I got an okay picture of him, guess it's better than nothing.

After taking the pictures we start off walking toward the bird, just want to make sure it's not injured or anything. It takes off fine and flies off into the field across the street. So we go walking over to where the bird was sitting, wondering what in the world this bird was doing in the yard. We'll we found it....a rather large dead grey field mouse. Sorry to have disturbed his lunch.

Then tonight on my way back from therapy with my oldest we were driving down the road almost to the house when this turkey darts out in front of the car. He takes one look at the car, freaks out (I swear I saw his eyes pop out of his head), suddenly changes direction and starts running down the road in my lane. Now he's running all swirvy and back and forth like, (if he was driving I would have though he'd been drinking.) He freaks out some more takes another sharp right turn into the yard and runs along the fence. I drive all of a whole 5 mph while all this is going on, wondering what was up with this bird. My oldest is all like why are you driving so slow. I say that when there's one there's usually more and I don't want to hit any of them. It turns out that's the only turkey to be seen. No more were around. He's a lone turkey on the loose.

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