Saturday, December 7, 2013


Who knew that you could have a dinner conversation around ketchup?  That's right that red stuff that you can put on just about anything.

We were having hot dogs for dinner that night and of course there was a bottle of ketchup on the table.  The question asked at the beginning of dinner was "Is ketchup a liquid or a solid?" To answer this in simplistic terms I just went ahead and replied liquid.  The kids were kind of unsure of this.  I didn't explain any further because I knew they wouldn't understand viscosity or much of the scientific terms.  That and I don't think it would have held their attention.

As dinner progressed and was nearing the end, we were sitting there talking.  The little one finished her juice box and in the blink of an eye...I swear it was that quick...removed the straw from the juice box, stuck it in the pile of ketchup on her plate and slurped it up.  Horrifically disgusted I grabbed the plate and straw and told her she was done. At which point my oldest says  "See liquid."   The little one just stood there looking at where her plate and straw had been in her hands and said  "but I like ketchup."  Ahh. Funny but gross. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Busy Busy

I dislike coming up with titles for my blog posts. Sometimes it's easy but other times like today I just can't come up with one.  I'm horrible at naming things...ask my hubby. I'll have a game where you have to name a character and it will take me sometimes hours to come up with a name.  It needs to be fitting, like a blog post title.

Anyway....It seems like it's been eon's since I've posted anything on either of my blogs I've been so down right busy.  Construction is finally almost done on the house, praying it is done before the new year.  What was originally suppose to take 6-8 weeks has now turned into 7 months.  The inside is all complete on the addition and my mother is finally moved in.  Her house is now up on the market. 
So I've been busy loading and unloading cars full of stuff and cleaning and kids and....the list goes on and on. It's been CRAZY!!!

It's finally calming down now a little and I'm beginning to feel a little less stressed.  I just need 5000 more hours in the day to make up for the things that I've neglected for the past 7+ months.  Hopefully the craziness will wear off even more and I'll be posting more and more.

I'll leave you with a funny story and a picture of what my fridge says...

We went to Moe's Southwest restaurant for the first time the other week.   Let me just say the food was so good. Fresh ingredients made the burritos taste amazing. I rank them right up there with my love for Whole Foods burritos. I digress.  After we were done eating we were the only people left in the place so we went to refill our drinks and look at some of the cool look alike contest photos on the walls when I spotted my youngest, mind you she's 11 years old.  She threw out her trash and started dancing her way back down the isle to the song that was playing.  All the employees were standing behind the counter watching her.  She got about half way down the isle when I told her that everyone was looking at her. She was mortified.  All the employees started clapping as she shrank down and ran for the door.  It made my day.

So now our fridge say: "I love ur dancing at moes" 

P.S.  Dear Santa we would like some more letters for our fridge.