Saturday, December 7, 2013


Who knew that you could have a dinner conversation around ketchup?  That's right that red stuff that you can put on just about anything.

We were having hot dogs for dinner that night and of course there was a bottle of ketchup on the table.  The question asked at the beginning of dinner was "Is ketchup a liquid or a solid?" To answer this in simplistic terms I just went ahead and replied liquid.  The kids were kind of unsure of this.  I didn't explain any further because I knew they wouldn't understand viscosity or much of the scientific terms.  That and I don't think it would have held their attention.

As dinner progressed and was nearing the end, we were sitting there talking.  The little one finished her juice box and in the blink of an eye...I swear it was that quick...removed the straw from the juice box, stuck it in the pile of ketchup on her plate and slurped it up.  Horrifically disgusted I grabbed the plate and straw and told her she was done. At which point my oldest says  "See liquid."   The little one just stood there looking at where her plate and straw had been in her hands and said  "but I like ketchup."  Ahh. Funny but gross. 

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